How to Boost Your Smartphone's Memory with Whatsapp

An important part of Smartphone storage is WhatsApp chats, photos, videos. You can clear it. Easy ways to follow.
How to Boost Your Smartphone's Memory with Whatsapp

If your smartphone is in acute storage, WhatsApp may help you. Obviously you use WhatsApp only then this method will work for you. Many of you may know this, but those who don't know should know it.
When you use WhatsApp, you'll likely be in multiple groups as well. You may have muted some groups. Family groups, office groups, group of friends, old school friends' groups, office offices are also different groups. These groups are many people and are flooded with messages, photos, videos, and jifes.

You can't opt out of some groups and you need to stay in some groups. You mute some groups, but they still consume your smartphone's memory. Usually in Android smartphones. This happens in the iPhone too.
Look at WhatsApp for your smartphone's memory boost – that is, follow these steps
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Open WhatsApp ---, Go to Settings.

Tap --- Data and Storage Usage, here's a list you'll see

--- list will have options like Photos, Audio, Videos, Documents

---'ll get Storage Usage at the bottom.

Tap --- Storage Usage will now see a long list here.

This list --- will show the storage consumed by contacts and group chats.
--- Will generally be the top most storage consumption list.

---This work for you in this list, which you don't need, you can delete chats that you don't need from here.

--- Tap that chat in the list to delete, manage will appear below, tap on

--- You can now select what you want to delete. Tap on Photos, Videos, Geoffs, Documents --- Clear Option.
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This way you can reduce your smartphone's memory consumption to some extent with WhatsApp. Many of you may know this feature, but because of Laziness, you don't do so and delete some essential items to boost memory from WhatsApp. To delete, do unnecessary things. 
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