How to Make Your Twitter Account Secure

How to Make Your Twitter Account Secure
How to Make Your Twitter Account Secure

Twitter is very popular in terms of social networking. Twitter gives you the freedom to put your thoughts in the 280-word range before the world. Twitter shows people what's going on in the world. There was only 140 words on Twitter before 2017 but after 2017 Twitter doubled the terms limit.
With millions of users worldwide on the platform, it is important to keep your account safe. Here's how we tell you how to secure your Twitter Account today.

Change Your Password at Regular Intervals

Changing your password at regular intervals will make it more difficult for hackers to hack your account. Change your Twitter password-
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Twitter Web- If you're using Twitter on the web, first go to
1. Click on your profile Image.
2. Choose the Settings and Privacy option when loading the webpage, choose your password from the password options at the bottom left.
3. Twitter will first ask for your old password and then ask you to enter a new password.
4. Enter the password of the hard and different kind.
Twitter App- If you're using the Twitter app, follow these steps:
1. Open the app and click on your profile photo in the top right.
2. Choose the option of settings and privacy.
3. Then select the account and choose the change password option.
4. Make sure your password is completely unique and it's not easy for anyone to know it

Two Step Authentication

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If you want to make your promotion safer, try the option of two step authentication. After entering the password, you will receive a 6 digit authentication code on your registered mobile which will open the account only after entering it.
1. Click on your profile icon and choose the settings and privacy options.
2. If you are setting up authentication codes on mobile, set up login verification after selecting the account.
3. You have to complete another step here. In it you need to go to the security option within the settings.
4. Read the overview instruments and click on Start.
5. Enter the password and click on the verifiable.
6. Click on send code to enter your mobile number.
7. Insert the verification code sent to your mobile and click on the Submit button. Your login verification will start after that.

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