Whatsapp Chat and Data Will Be Safe, Even After Losing Your Phone, Know How

Whatsapp Chat and Data Will Be Safe, Even After Losing Your Phone, Know How

has become the primary messaging app for 150 million users worldwide today. It has 20 crore active users in India. WhatsApp offers great features like chatting, photo-video sharing as well as voice and video calling. The smartphone needs to be used to use these features. But have you ever wondered how to keep your WhatsApp account and data safe in case you lose your phone?
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Of course, WhatsApp data can be permanently deleted if you lose your phone. WhatsApp contains many chats and media files that users maintain, but there is a growing fear of it being deleted if the phone is lost. That's why today we're telling you some of the tricks of work that can keep your WhatsApp data always safe.

SIM Card is Required -

First of all, call the mobile service provider and lock your SIM card. Once the SIM card is blocked, no one will be able to verify your account. WhatsApp cannot be activated without verification SMS or call. Also, it is important to get a new SIM card. Once you lose your phone, issue a new SIM card to your old number. Once the number is activated, download and install WhatsApp Messenger again on the new phone. It is also important to know that WhatsApp will run from one number to one place.
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Email -

If you do not want to use the new SIM card, write an e-mail to WhatsApp on support@whatsapp.com. Ask WhatsApp to deactivate the account in the email. Also tell your WhatsApp your number with the country code. For example, if your number is from India, type the number in the +91-XXXXXXXXXX format. Lost/Lost/Lost in the subject line of the email that you know sent. Type Stolen.

Do these things to get back old chats -

Back up messages using Google Drive, iCloud or OneDrive to get your chats back.

Your contacts can send messages -

Even if your phone is missing, your contacts can send you messages. In the event of non-receipt, the messages are pending on WhatsApp for 30 days. The advantage is that you will get all the messages whenever you activate WhatsApp again on the new SIM card. The service works only for both group and indivisible chats.

Your account will be deleted -

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WhatsApp gives you 30 days to activate your account and back up old messages. If you do not activate your account within 30 days, it will be completely deleted.

You can use whatsapp -

WhatsApp can be used on a Wi-Fi connection even if the SIM card is locked and the phone service is disabled. Provided that you have not sent a request to delete your WhatsApp account.

Lost Phone Will Not Locate WhatsApp -

WhatsApp doesn't help you locate your lost phone. This means that you can't locate your lost phone.

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