The Best Android Apps | September 2019

The-Best-Android-Apps-September 2019

Best Android Apps | September 2019

Yes, we have taken a little longer than usual to bring you one of the most anticipated articles of the week, but the reality is that during this second week of September there were not as many novelties as we expected.
In the same way, this is not a reason for us not to do the article, because we found some games that might interest you, if you want to try new applications of course.

The best Android Apps of the Second week of September

 Here all applications are free. Of course, they are all games, as tools that have arrived this week, we could not find in the Play Store.

There is nothing more fun than playing with friends, and this is the main premise that this competitive action game boasts. With a story similar to Angry Brids, players here must help each other defeat a user-controlled enemy. While the game was developed to use virtual reality helmets, it can be played without the need to use this gadget.
Facilities: More than 5,000.
Score: 3.5 out of 5.
In-app purchases: Yes.
Price: Free.

Do you play the card game Magic: The Gathering? If your answer is yes, then you should not miss this complementary application that yes or yes you have to have installed on your Android mobile.
With this app you can connect your account and organize tournaments of up to 16 players. Although it is still in beta, the app already works very well, although it usually has some other error.
Facilities: More than 10,000.
Score: No data.
In-app purchases: No.
Price: Free.

The new game of the developer Rovio, known for bringing us games like Angry Birds, is characterized by being a simple and fun puzzle title. Colorful, with easy-to-understand mechanics and very well-defined graphics, Sugar Blast is a familiar type game with thousands of levels that closely resembles Candy Crush.
Facilities: More than 100,000.
Score: 4.5 out of 5.
In-app purchases: Yes.
Price: Free.

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