What is Google App Engine | Advantages of using Google App Engine

Google App Engine

Google App Engine | Advantages of using Google App Engine

Google App Engine:Currently we find countless applications in the cloud for SMEs, and today we want to talk about one that Google makes available to us in a very economical way, and that you will surely have heard. We explain in a very simple way what Google App Engine is and what it is for, so you can assess whether you are interested in using Google App Engine in your company.

Google App Engine for SMEs

The main functionality of Google App Engine is to offer a free basic web hosting service, expandable at fairly tight rates. The free version offers us up to 500 MB of storage, and resources for up to 5 million monthly visits.

In App Engine we can implement our own domain, or the one offered by Google, which follows the domain.appspot.com structure

Through App Engine we can reliably run the applications we develop, even with large amounts of data.

What does Google App Engine offer

The utilities provided by Google App Engine are the following:
  • A dynamic web server, compatible with the most common web technologies
  • Load distribution and automatic scaling
  • Permanent storage
  • Local development environment to simulate in our Google App Engine team
  • API to send mail and authenticate users through Google Accounts
  • Scheduled tasks and task queues
  • The programming languages ​​used by Google App Engine are Java and Python.

Advantages of using Google App Engine

Creating an application in Google App Engine is free and relatively simple.
You can publish an application through your account, and it begins to be downloaded immediately.
Your application may be available to everyone, or limited to the users you decide.
If you need to expand the features offered by the free version, you can determine a budget adjusted to your needs. Here you have all the billing information and fees for Google App Engine.
Through each developer account we can register up to 10 applications.
We have a number of services to perform common operations in the administration of applications: URL extraction to retrieve web resources with Google's high-speed infrastructure, an email service so that applications can send messages, basic image manipulation, Cache service to quickly access temporary data, etc.

Google App Engine makes a large number of useful resources available to developers, such as this list of tool documentation in Google App Engine.

Here you will find the App Engine download page, designed to facilitate the work of developers. In addition, you have all the resources of Google to learn how to use and exploit the full potential of Google App Engine, such as your own blog. We hope you find this tool useful.

More info | Google App Engine Developer Guide

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